15th Annual Ryder Cup Recap!

Congratulations to the American Team – Captained by Corey Bierly and Joe Banks – for capturing the 15th Annual Ryder Cup!  The American squad out lasted the Nationals (captained by Joe Kelchner/Carl Stackhouse) by a score of 43-37.

Thank you to all of you who participated and gave sponsorships!  A HUGE thank you to Bob Bull for the very generous lineup of tee gifts and open bar sponsorships!

Another big thank you to our BGC staff for a great job this entire weekend.  Superintendent Mike Madara and Assistant Superintendent Keith Morgan have done a great job all year.

Below are the pictures and results from this year for each session & historical records of all tournament participants since moving to the current format in 2012.  Only Chris Banyas and Vito Covino Sr. have participated in all 11 Cups!

American Team captained by Corey Bierly/Co-Captain Joe Banks
National Team captained by Joe Kelchner/Co-Captain Carl Stackhouse