Bridge captures Rude-Ex Points Race Title!

Congratulations to Brian Bridge for winning the Rudy Group Season Long Points Race this past weekend!  Going into the final event of the season on Sunday, Brian had a slim points lead over Joe DeMelfi.  Paired together in the final group and with the pressure mounting, Joe had a solid front 9 to make it neck to neck heading into the back.  In the end, Brian regrouped on the back 9 and fired a 37 to win enough points for the day to retain his lead and capture the Rude-Ex Cup Points Title! 

Below you’ll see the final points standings for the year and a picture of Brian with the hard earned Rude-Ex Trophy!

Brian Bridge – 2020 Rudy Group Season Long Points Winner
Bridge Sr., Brian64.75
DeMelfi, Joe60.5
Covino Sr., Vito50
Kocher, John48.75
Mackert, Denny48.75
Bull, Bob48
Bridge Jr., Brian47.25
Dorani, Ilan47
Fetterman, Tom45.75
Mattucci, Tony40.25
Malatesta, Dave37
Hinkle, Carl36.5
Knorr, Rickie32.5
Fries, Don32
Cashman, Dick31.25
Sabo, Tom30.5
Slavick, Rich27.5
Rudy, Steve23
Henicle, Chet22.5
Sult, Chris22.25
Hower, Tom19.5
Masley, John18.5
Fink, Sherman18
Bardo, John17.5
Eckroth, Kevin15.5
Hess, Keith15.5
Nespoli, Joe14
Kuhn, Sam13.5
Gray, Tom12
Stackhouse, Carl10.5
Myrthel, Scott10
Banks, Joe9.5
Kishbaugh, Ron9
DiPippa, Lou9
Rado, Bart7
Beishline, Ed6.5
Fedder, Ted6
Hooper, Dallas5

2 thoughts on “Bridge captures Rude-Ex Points Race Title!”

  1. My name is Sally Harter Sargent ..I was raised in Berwick at 1307 Market St. My parents were Jean and Wilbur Harter .. I had a twin sister Nancy and my older brother was Charlie. I’m writing a book of memories for Story Worth which is a collection of childhood memories ! I’m working on the chapter of the hours we spent as kids at the Club!! As I read the history and how it has thrived , it makes me go back to “yesteryear”
    when we as a family spent so much time there , it was just 9 holes !…
    We kids consumed a lot of “Brown Cows”. (Or Black”) and was delighted that they were still in existence !! I ‘ve looked at a lot of pictures and
    see familiar names ! Hopefully after this pandemic has given us more freedom, I can finally make another visit to Berwick with my daughters !

    us more freedom

    1. Good to hear! The best memories are the memories at a golf course in my opinion. Feel free to call me in the pro shop at 570-752-2506, my name is Jon Hardy and I work here as the Director of Golf. Would love to hear the stories! Good to hear from you.

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