Ryder Cup Results!

Congratulations to the National Team who captured the title this past weekend in our 16th Annual Ryder Cup! Heading into the Sunday Singles session, the American squad had a 1 pt. lead but the Nationals took charge in the singles format winning 22.5 of the 40 points up for grabs to win the cup overall by 4 points (42 to 38). Also, this past weekend we had two holes-in-one from players on the National team! Dan Pecorelli made his first career hole-in-one on number 7 and Jeff Urban made his second career hole-in-one on hole 15! Congrats to everyone who participated in the Ryder Cup!

Click the link below to view all the results from all 3 formats: ⛳️🇺🇸


Dan Pecorelli Hole-In-One # 17
Jeff Urban Hole-In-One # 15