Spring Points Tournament Results!

Congratulations to the following flight winners of the 2021 Points Tournament Spring Scramble edition:

A Flight: Carl Stackhouse and Zach Eyer

B Flight: Chris Lopes and Mike Vogt

C Flight:  Brian Bridge and Steve Lopashanski

D Flight: Joe DeMelfi and Pete Blasi Sr.

E Flight: Sam Kuhn and Dallas Hooper

Shootout Winners: Carl Stackhouse and Zach Eyer

Beow are the full flight results and pictures of the winners.

Flight Winners (pictured from left to right): A Flight Zach Eyer & Carl Stackhouse, B Flight: Chris Lopes & Mike Vogt, C Flight: Brian Bridge and Steve Lopashanski, D Flight Joe DeMelfi & Pete Blasi Sr., E Flight Dallas Hooper & Sam Kuhn
Shootout Winners Carl Stackhouse and Zach Eyer